Morning workout and pep talk to prepare for the upcoming season


Boys Competitive Program

Our boy's team was established in 1993 and has been growing ever since. We have developed a strong team program at all levels of gymnastics competition with numerous State and Regional champions, as well as National qualifiers, team members and National champions. We have been a vehicle for many of our athletes to accept full athletic scholarships to major universities in the United States.

We continue to strive for excellence as our boys team has proven to be a strong force in our state.


Team Philosophy

Our philosophy is:
To train athletes of all ability levels and help them reach their individual best
Guide children through the levels with their best interest in mind
Promote excellence and work ethic by teaching children how to be responsible for their actions
To help children set goals, and giving them the guidance to achieve them.

Each year all over the nation, gymnasts are selected to compete on their respective clubs' teams. Selection for the team is based solely on the professional judgment of the coaches. The SCEGA Boy's Team is selected from the pre-team levels or occasionally as a transfer from another club. Selection for testing is made by recommendation from the instructors and the final decision will be made by the owners and the team coaches. For information on our boys team or to set up an evaluation, please contact our office at 951 926 1988
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SCEGA Boys Team Accomplishments

South Conference Team Titles

2019-Level 5

2019-Level 6

2006-Level 5

2005-Level 5

State Champion Team Titles

2015-Level 4

2014-Level 4

2013-Level 4

2009-Level 6

2007-Level 5

2006-Level 5

2005-Level 5

2004-Level 6

Boys All Star Team Members

Level 5

2008 Blake Wilson

2008 Jenner Pennock

2007 Quinn Murphy

2006 Andrew Bernabe

2006 Kyle Murillo

2005 C.J. Weinberg

Level 6

2010 Blake Wilson

2009 Blake Wilson

Level 9

2015 Blake Wilson

2014 Blake Wilson

National Qualifiers

Level 8

2014 Matthew Geuy

2013 Blake Wilson

2012 Jenner Pennock

2012 Blake Wilson

Level 9

2014 Blake Wilson

2011 Grant Murphy

2010 Van Langjahr

2010 Grant Murphy

2008 Caden Morgan

2008 C.J. Weinberg

2007 Caden Morgan

2007 Joshua Williams

2006 Joshua Williams

Level 10

2018 Blake Wilson

2018 Eric Nakamura

2018 Ben Guerreri

2016 Blake Wilson

2012 Quinn Murphy